Probate and Trusts Department

Even a small estate can involve considerable responsibility and paperwork. We can help at all levels, including:

  • Registering the death
  • Making funeral arrangements
  • Organising payment of inheritance Tax
  • Obtaining Grant of Representation
  • Dealing with assets and liabilities
  • Completing tax claims to the Inland Revenue

​Some estates require special consideration to ensure that the estate is dealt with in as tax efficient a way as possible; for example, multi-million pound estates which we have dealt with. However, no estate is too small and all require a professional and organised service, keeping clients informed as to progress.

Our extensive experience in probate and trusts enables us to quickly identify and resolve any potential problems and so minimise the expense and stress involved.

The firm also administers a number of ongoing family trusts.

The Unit is based at our Walthamstow & Woodford Green office:

Contact: John Mayo & Catherine Mackinnon

Woodford Green
Contact: Mujtaba Hameed

Please see our probate fees here.